Turbine Art Fair: Past and present

In an article published on citybuzz.co.za, the Turbine Art Fair experience is explained.

The Turbine Art Fair (Taf) has officially been around for five years and the festival that celebrates art is only getting bigger and better.

The Turbine Hall, Newtown’s signature venue, has hosted this exciting art show, boasting numerous art galleries and institutions as partners and making the arts accessible to all.

Celebrating its five-year milestone this year the fair has, over the past year, celebrated themes of accessibility – making arts less elitist and more inviting for the general public – and in 2015 opened the show under the theme Emerging Artists in addition to increasing accessibility to art.

This year the fair will take place from 14 to 16 July, with the opening night taking place on 13 July – of course, at the Turbine Hall.

In its usual style, the fair will host a number of talks and walkabouts to encourage the public to become more involved in the arts and to support emerging artists, who are usually in need of all the support they can get.

Blaque Inq Contemporaries is a community arts collective that will be exhibiting its works at the fair this year and want fans to know what to expect and why they love the fair and collectively say that Taf is their home and they just love it! Their aim is to exhibit at fairs so as to observe and interact with other galleries and network with fellow professionals.

This does not only contribute to their movement’s knowledge base and overview of the art world, but cultivates relationships with fellow dealers, which can ultimately lead to joint shows, sales, cross-promotion of artists, and much more.

As in previous years, the fair looks to host about 50 exhibitors who will be able to engage with artists, other galleries, the public and collectors.

Along with the Graduate Painters show, a number of film screenings and even a children’s art walkabout, the exhibition will also feature a talk titled, Conversations about Collecting.

Don’t miss out on the art, fun and exciting food stalls at the Turbine Art Fair 2017.


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