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An article published on artafricamagazine.org explaining that the Turbine Art Fair (17 – 20 July 2014) Talks and Film Programme will be extended.

The Turbine Art Fair (17 – 20 July 2014) Talks and Film Programme will be extended to include a wide range of artists, art professionals and collectors, including Art South Africa‘s Brendon Bell-Roberts.

The talks programme will be hosted by Usha Seejarim and will be interactive as well as facilitating viewers who may not be able to attend the fair through live and recorded video streaming. In addition a strong educational element will be incorporated specifically for first time art buyers.

The Talks and Film Programme:

19 July 2014

10:30 Ruarc Peffers (Strauss and Co. Fine Art Auctioneers)

12:00 Sam Nhlengethwa (Artist)

14:00 Tamzin Lovell Miller (Gallerist)

16:00 Koulla Xinisteris (Art Consultant)

20 July 2014

10:30 Phillipe van der Merwe (Tonic Design)

12:00 Warren Siebrits (Collector)

14:00 Brendon Bell-Roberts (Publisher)

16:00 Dr Oupa Morari (Collector)

Usha Seejarim

Seejarim’s biggest honour was the opportunity to create the official portrait for Nelson Mandela’s funeral in Qunu. Other public art commissions include ten slate stone sculptures at the Walter Sisulu Square in Kliptown, an approximate 140 000 safety pin installation called “pin code” at MTN’s head office, and two 40 meter long screens at the South African Chancery in Addis Ababa. Seejarim was nominated for the prestigious Mercedes-Benz award for public art in 2008 and in 2007 a finalist in the Sasol Wax Commission.  Her light-art installation ‘The Why Men’ for the Sandton Central Arts Programme in 2007/08 won the client a Business Day-Business and Arts South Africa Award for the Best Use of new Commissioned Art.In 2002 Seejarim was nominated for the FNB Vita Art Prize, and in 2001 she was the joint winner of the inaugural MTN New Contemporaries exhibition. In 2013, Seejarim was nominated for a Mbokoto award for sculpture. Recently, Seejarim initiated The Art of Access: an online platform making contemporary art accessible by inviting industry leaders to share their knowledge and experience of the terrain.

Warren Siebrits

Warren Siebrits has an extensive knowledge of contemporary art and a conversation with Warren is always filled with the most incredible factual data at his fingertips. Warren shares openly about approaches to collecting art, to contextualising specific artworks and advising artists. As a compliment to the Walter Batiss collection of works that will be on exhibition at the Turbine Art Fair, Warren will analyse Batiss’s approach to artmaking and advise emerging and contemporary artists on how to model the artist’s success. Batiss’s diverse styles of artmaking and immersion into the imaginative are rich material for any collector to understand the artists entire oeuvre and these will be discussed.

Ruarc Peffers

As a senior specialist in numerous disciplines of art including painting, drawing, sculpture and watercolour at Strauss & Co, Ruarc is very well versed in the assessment of artworks and in the art of collecting. His extensive knowledge in this area will contribute towards specific guidance on collecting; how to start a collection, how to grow a collection and how best to sell a collection. He will also discuss the role of the auction house and how both the collector and artist can use this resource.

Sam Nghlengetwa

Sam will provide insights into his personal journey as an established artist. He will advise artists on what it takes to create not just a sustainable career but a successful career from artmaking. Sam also owns a substantial collection of art and music and will speak about the position of artist as collector.

Brendon Bell-Roberts

Brendon is a dynamic leader who has initiated a number of events and projects that bring together his vast experience of design, publishing, curation and exhibitions. He will speak about the new direction of Art South Africa and how his focus on creativity, sustainability and positive change impacts all his initiatives. Brendon will speak about art in a digital age and how artists and the art world can use this platform further.

Tamzin Lovell Miller

Tamzin Lovell is currently in the process of expanding her gallery to include a dedicated space for installation art, a separate focus on street art and a painting wing in London. She will speak on her motivation for this expansion from a perspective of growing the industry as well as from a business model. The challenge for many contemporary art galleries is finding the balance between the commercial side of running a gallery as a business and allowing for explorative artwork that may not necessarily sell. Tamzin will share how she finds this unique equilibrium and is in a position to encourage conceptual work, installation art and street art and yet sustain the gallery as a business. She will also advice artists on producing installation or public/street art and ways in which this kind of work can be sustainable, without necessarily having to create commercial work.

Koulla Xinisteris

Koulla Xinisteris will describe how she has managed to build a significant corporate collection for the SABC on a very limited budget. She will share her specific approach to auctions and how she has managed to source important and pivotal work at comparative prices. Koulla is passionate about art as national heritage and within this context, she will speak about the role of the curator and the function of corporate collections.

Dr Oupa Morare

As an avid collector, Dr Morare will describe his own approach to collecting. He will speak about how and why he collects art and advise young collectors on the best approach. Dr Morare is a medical professional who opened the first gallery in Soweto, is an arts collector and an arts consultant. As such, he will speak about how other professionals can support the arts industry.

Phillipe van der Merwe

When interior designers, Tonic were unable to find the right kind of furniture to fit their interiors, they simply designed their own. Tonic are unique in that they give attention to specific details and have been using contemporary art as the focus or the “wow factor” in their interior designs. Phillipe is trend averse and will speak about the importance of finding and being confident in one’s own style and how the right piece of art simply completes a space. He will also share how Tonic have introduced the inclusion of contemporary art to both private and corporate clients who are not necessarily art literate and the challenges with these kind of out-of-the-box suggestions.

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