TAF Talks Programme 2022

TAF TALKS is an informative talk series aimed at art enthusiasts who want to understand the art market in South Africa better.


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22 July, 12pm

Into the Metaverse

Understanding the world of NFTS and what it means to invest in culture through the virtual.

22 July, 11AM

Art as a Practice

Building a Career in the Arts 

22 July, 3pm

Biennales Fairs & Production

Understanding the cultural landscape through major events and festivals.


23 July, 12pm

OFF THE GRID - Identities of production

Finding the object through  materiality. Maja Marx in conversation with Dominique Edwards, Danna Margo & Lerato Bereng

23 July, 2pm

More than a flag pole

Solutions for owning SA’s cultural future

23 July, 4pm

Fashion, Photography, and Art

Intersecting knowledge, culture and creativity.

23 July, 5pm

Collecting with Purpose

Starting and building your collection through passion, purpose, and affordability.

24 July, 11AM

Alchemy of Colour

Understanding color in art

23 July, 12pm

Johannesburg a melting pot of cultural hubs


24 July, 2PM

Portraiture vs Abstraction

Understanding the trends, thematics and stylization of portraiture and abstract work/painting.


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