TAF Talks Programme 2021

TAF TALKS is an informative talk series aimed at art enthusiasts who want to understand the art market in South Africa better.


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30 Sep, 6pm

Reaching significant Milestones in 2021 by SA Art organizations

The SA Art industry celebrates many significant milestones this year, with important institutions clocking up substantial anniversaries. We discuss how these respected SA art organizations have survived and thrived and the role they now play.

1 Oct, 11am, live at TAF

Finance for Hippies

Creative Finance – How African artists can take advantage of the Google ecosystem to improve their search rankings & online artwork sales.

2 Oct, 4pm

Investment drivers of the SA art industry

How is the market changing and how is the value of art locally changing? How is the SA art industry opening up to the world and to the rest of the African continent?

  1. Collecting local art locally versus collecting globally
  2. Currency and markets.
  3. Is art collecting still a hedge?Tax liabilities for artworks in SA


Pulane Tshabalala (Collector, adviser) &

Frank Kilbourn (Strauss & Co, The Kilbourn Collection)

3 Oct, 4pm

Pan-African Art, is this a vogue, or is it a sustainable growth market?

African art is making waves in the major US and European primary and secondary markets. Is this a vogue, or is it a sustainable growth market?

  1. African art accessing major Western art markets
  2. The gallery system and how it’s changing
  3. Art auctions and African art

6 Oct, 3pm

ConverAction: Moving towards an establishment of desirable balance on Arts Education in South Africa.

Alternative arts education is not just an antithesis of formal arts education but a development of a more complex educational curriculum, which has made practical and effective use of the social and creative potential.

The formal university arts education is not superior to the alternative community arts education, it only operates through a different space of teaching and learning but in a mutually beneficial direction to the industry.

6 Oct, 6pm

How Covid has affected Galleries and collectors globally?

Has the collector profile changed because of the change in global conditions in the art world? Is it still so important to physically view an artwork before buying? Is there confidence in buying online? How has the NFT phenomenon been driven by art and by the pandemic conditions? What does it mean for the traditional art gallery and for collectors?

7 Oct, 6pm

Collecting Photos - Photography as collectable and investment

Traditionally a niche art world medium, photography continues to grow as a fine art category rather than just social imagery or fashion and documentary photography. Is there still an upside in collecting photography? Is it an undervalued niche? How does African fine art photography fit in as a collecting category?

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