Q & A with Elléna Lourens & Keya Tama

Q & A with Elléna Lourens & Keya Tama



1. What is your preferred colour palette at the moment?

Elléna Lourens: For a while now, I have been enjoying working in shades of pink and orange. I love the energy of the colours and the effect this palette has on subject matter, be it softening a harsh design in shades of pink or grounding a soft one in earth tones.

2. How do you know when a work is finished?

Elléna Lourens: It is a very specific feeling when I know that a design is complete. It’s a feeling of calm, when I can look at it and feel satisfaction as well as intrigue. I don’t want to feel totally comfortable, but not so far as to feel discomfort either.

3. What are your artistic (and other) goals for the future?

Keya Tama: I aim to make work that is more and more personal, as well as collaborating and experimenting with Artists and mediums in multiple varieties. In the goal of creating a unified creative realm that feeds off itself.

4. What drives you as an artist?

Keya Tama: I am driven by the need to exist creatively in spaces that have unexplored potential. The key for me is contrasting the comfortable with the unfamiliar In whatever form emotionally resonates.

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