Q & A with Chloe Townsend

Q & A with Chloe Townsend



1.Do you have any preferred or recurrent subject matter that you tend to revisit in your practice?

Find myself always returning to plants, pattern and colour. Vast worlds in their own right, I love witnessing their interplay. Endlessly fascinating.

2.What is your favourite piece that you’ve made for this show and why do you like this work in particular?

LOTS OF LOVE is my favourite work. Feel we can never have too much love. Root of all.

3. What is your preferred colour palette at the moment?

Feeling the need for the full rainbow, and all in between at the moment. Full spectrum to carry us through these wild times.

4. What is your go-to place or activity if you need to rest or escape from the pressures and business of life?

When I manage to sneak a rare moment to myself I love to lie with my back on the Earth, somewhere wild, breathing into the feeling of being held and supported by our Mother. So restorative. What a privilege to have access to wild places and this unwavering support.

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