iBi Art School

iBi Art School

iBi Art brings you art classes taught by Isa Gasseau teaching technical skills and art history.

Artist and businesswoman, Isa Schwartz Gesseau, is the creator of iBi Art School, where she has

been teaching art classes for over 16 years in her studio in Johannesburg. Offering personal

attention to her students’ needs as artists at any level, she has constructed a cradle for creativity

and expansiveness.

With a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Witstwatersrand followed by a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management, she is well versed in the art field. In addition to this, she has worked for the Valued Citizens Initiative for nearly two decades, bringing experience to her platform.

Thanks to her many years dedicated to community art workshops, she has used skills of

behavioral change through art, attesting to this visual form of expression’s therapeutic and cathartic

nature. She strives to achieve a nourishing environment, allowing her students to openly express

themselves creatively, all whilst learning technical skills of drawing, painting and mixed media. Isa

aspires to expand her reach as an instructor by offering a personal experience through online classes, meeting her student’s needs in order to assure their artistic development.

For more information visit: https://ibiartschool.co.za

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