M Studio Community

M Studio Community

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M Studio Community is creating a space that provides emerging South African artists with a support system and network of quality platforms. The company aims to enable emerging artists to advance their careers in a community of their creative peers. If artists wish to take vital steps towards changing and accurately reflecting the current social and political environment, they need to work together and not as isolated thinkers.

The unconventional community assists and mentors emerging artists in the development of artworks that hold both integrity and ingenuity in their technical execution and conceptual inception. We believe in the strength of symbiotic associations within the industry and the ability to share in the journey of transforming emerging artists into established masters.

“Art is birthed. There is a necessity to contort emotion, thought, and perception through a persistent progression of refinement. The consequence of this metamorphosis is raw and honest creativity. Life and thus art exist in a perpetual environment of transforming polarities; it is in the balancing of these opposing forces that clarity can be grasped.

Art moves beyond the physical vessel of expression and encompasses the fluid emotional, conceptual, and social atmosphere of its inception. Art is an artist’s life and the continuous expression of their experiences. Each work is an expansion of the previous creation and preparation for the next.

These are the principles that founded M Studio Community, a space where art lives.”

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