Lizamore & Associates

Lizamore & Associates

Exhibitor Type: Galleries
(082) 651 4702
3 Hetty Avenue, Fairland, Randburg, South Africa

Entering its 20th year of operation, Lizamore & Associates gallery has shown the work of new and established contemporary South African artists.

Through devotion to consistent excellence, Lizamore & Associates have managed to capture the market with their transparent and honest business ethics, and they continue exploring transformative possibilities through contemporary art.

Lizamore & Associates hosts exhibitions with their family of artists and new artists and continuously presents exciting new projects.

Lizamore & Associates gallery takes the view that by showing a considered combination of exhibitions of the work of more established names and carefully selected new voices.

The gallery can promote new prospects to collectors while still serving the growing market of buyers who look for the sound investment opportunities presented by more known artists.

Artists with whom the gallery regularly works include Jan Tshikuthulu, Zolile Phetshane, Lindo Zwane, Gregg Price, Johan Stegmann, Patrick Seruwu, and others artists, amongst others Karin Preller, Louis Olivier, Johan van der Schijff, Arabella Caccia and Judy Woodborne.

They have worked with many artists in the past, launching their careers and allowing for the good judgement of extraordinary talent in South Africa.

Lizamore & Associates gallery has been involved with many projects over the years and exhibited at all the national fairs, festivals, universities etc.

They also launched the SA Taxi Foundation Art Award, which ran for three years from 2014 to 2017.

The objective of this competition was to allow new artists to present artworks based on design and fine art with a selection of finalists whose works were transported onto taxis that travelled the country.

Due to Covid-19 and recent water damage to their gallery, Lizamore & Associates recently moved to their permanent new address: 3 Hetty Avenue, Fairland, 2195, from where they will be operating in future.

This is the same address where Lizamore initiated and started their first gallery in 2000, named Artspace.

It is business as usual, and the only change that will take place is that future exhibition openings will be held on Sundays.

During the week, visits per appointment will take place from Tuesday to Saturday.

They welcome you to Lizamore & Associates and your first visit to their new venue in Fairland.

“After a long and successful career in various capacities in the art industry, a change of address was necessitated.”

The change will allow me to take on interesting consulting opportunities whilst still presenting selected artists and their cutting-edge exhibitions, especially those that will excite and challenge the Lizamore audience.

“This new venue will also allow me to explore single and smaller installations and art performance”. In addition, the venue will offer a platform for events, seminars, and lectures.

Pops up exhibitions will also take place at other venues.

This development adds a new dimension and presents exciting new horizons in the career of gallerist, curator and consultant Teresa Lizamore.

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