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+2783 271 2342
146 Penny’s Way, Lynnwood Glen, Pretoria

edg2020 showcases contemporary South African art of established and emerging artists. The curated artists engage with the diverse realities and experiences of South Africans. We are not so much interested in work that confirms the status quo – technically and idea-wise – but in work that challenges the norm; carries personal insight and conviction; and is stimulating so that it will continue to inspire awe and joy in its owners and viewers. Imperatively, we value work of good technical quality by artists who sustainably produce work so that the promise of good investment value lingers. Although our primary function is the curating of our own exhibitions, we also source, curate and install artworks for corporates, embassies, private homes and art festivals. We provide advice and inspection reports, as well as art brokering and acquisition advice to art collectors. Join us in this global interest in this category of art investment!

The Gallery functions mainly online and is run from a private home as a consultation space. We have specific advertised viewing times as well as viewing by appointment.

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