Blue Door Print Studio

Exhibitor Type: Editions
(08) 292 46673
24 Chatou Road, Melville, Johannesburg

Learn to do it the right way first, then break all the rules?

The Blue Door Print Studio was originally a small, professional print studio opened in 2002 and was located between Parktown North and Parkhurst, at St Ninians Church.

It was founded by master printmaker Collin Cole, who obtained his MA in Printmaking at Rhodes University and consequently lectured printmaking at a tertiary level for 15 years.

The classes have always focused on teaching the techniques of various printmaking processes such as; Serigraphy, Intaglio, Relief printing, as well as all associated photomechanical processes from First Year to Masters’ level.

The private studio prides itself on a culture of inclusivity, which creates an exciting exchange and dynamic conversation.

The studio has offered services to more than 50 artists and has exhibited at various contemporary galleries in Johannesburg for 14 years.

However, it invites anyone with a passion for creativity and an eagerness to learn.

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