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Ora Loapi is a multi-tiered project space that facilitates and promotes the global circulation of cutting edge pedagogies, the latest research within the creative economy and how private and public sector entities can scale that research through best practices. We believe real investment is not just about handouts. It’s about sustainable capital injection, market engagement, utility of aptitude for quantifiable for well defined results. We look at the ways of creating and strengthening the cyclical relationship between academia, private sector and public sector where the creative economy is concerned. We define the creative economy as the total market impact of businesses and individuals involved in producing cultural and artistic goods and services. It encompasses education, art, performing arts and design. Our focus specifically is on curation, skills development and robust exposure to continental and global capital markets and audiences through the strong networks that we have built over the years through our travels within the continent and abroad.

We are honored to present the works of one of our Ora Development Program artists Tebogo Cranwell. This presentation is sponsored by Bullsheep: A Brand New Animal and Image Lounge.

Gaborone, Botswana