2022 Turbine Art Fair Exhibitors

2022 Exhibitors

The turbine art fair opens applications in early December annually. Once submitted, Applications are reviewed by our panel of carefully selected experts. TAF invites applications from Galleries, Artist Collectives, Artist and Print studios, Auction Houses, Project Spaces, Secondary Market Dealers, and Designers.

We also have five special projects alongside our exhibitors. Click here to view our special projects. 

Dale Sargent Fine Art 2022
Forms Gallery 2022
iBi Art 2022 - Cathy Berman SOLO
Creative Block 2022
Candice Berman Gallery 2022
Collective UNTITLD 2022
Dream Press 2022
Gallery 2 2022 - Mbali Tshabalala SOLO
mmARThouse 2022
Kalashnikovv Gallery 2022
Lizamore & Associates 2022
LL Editions Contemporary 2022
M Stuidio Community 2022
Red Room Gallery 2022
Studio Nxumalo Contemporary 2022
Thomarts Gallery 2022
White River Gallery 2022
Art & Collect Gallery 2022
Artist Proof Studio 2022
Africa Fashion Research Institute 2022
Archival Photographic Project 2022
Africa Contemporary Art
Bubblegum Gallery 2022
Blaque Inq Contemporaries 2022
Artyli 2022
Asisebenze Art Atelier 2022
Asisebenze Art Atelier 2022
iBi Art


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