September 01, 2020 - September 01, 2020

RMB TAF Talks: Education in Art – Art Education across South Africa

Presenting David Andrew (Wits University), Molemo Moiloa (MADEYOULOOK), Puleng Plessie (Keep the Dream Arts) & Sibongile Bhebhe (Drama for Life).

Watch Here:

About the Panelists:

David Andrew is Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Fine Arts at the Wits School of Arts, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. He is a practising artist and lectures in Fine Arts and Arts Education. His interest in the artist-teacher relationship has resulted in a number of projects aimed at researching, designing and implementing alternative paths for the training of arts educators and artists working in schools.

Molemo Moiloa lives and works in Johannesburg and has worked in various capacities at the intersection of creative practice and community organizing. Molemo’s academic work has focused on the political subjectivities of South African youth. She is one half of the artist collaborative MADEYOULOOK, who explore everyday popular imaginaries and their modalities for knowledge production. She also currently leads research at Andani.Africa, with a focus on open restitution debates.

Sibongile Bhebhe is currently a PGCE DramaTeaching Method at the Wits School of Education as well as Theatre of the Opressed  lecturer at Drama for Life at the Wits School of Arts. She is also doing her PhD studies in Applied Drama and Theatre.

Puleng Plessie is the Founding Director of Keep the Dream arts which is a non-profit company responsible for community education. She also is the Education Officer for the newly built Javett Art Centre at the University of Pretoria. Puleng is part of the Johannesburg Working Group of Another Roadmap School, which is a global network which aims to provide open spaces for trans-regional exchange and learning in arts education. Puleng also sits as a Board of Trustees for an arts educational organisation called Curriculum Development Projects Trust.