In living colour.

In the words of curator, educator and designer ,Prem Krishnamurthy, “Once you move away from white as the baseline, a whole ’nother world opens up.”, and what a world TAF opened up for itself, and its visitors through the use of colour. Re-imagining institutionalized spaces, like museums, galleries, and art fairs, is a collective effort, […]

Engaging Art Talks at TAF’23

Turbine Art Fair (TAF) is thrilled to announce its exciting transition into a new decade with a move to Hyde Park Corner marking an exciting chapter in its 11 year journey. TAF 23 will take place from 27th to 30th July 2023 in a stylish rooftop setting and will set the stage for an unforgettable […]

Discover Hyde Park Corner’s Historic Public Art At TAF 23.

Turbine Art Fair has a new home at Hyde Park Corner — a centre of Johannesburg’s vibrant art scene for over four decades. Since opening its doors in 1970, expansive and ambitious works by some of the country’s leading artists have been at the heart of the mall’s public art program — a legacy that […]

11 Unforgettable Moments, from 11 Years Of Turbine Art Fair.

Turbine Art Fair has come a long way from its first fair in 2013 at Turbine Hall (the original home, and namesake of the event held originally in Johannesburg’s CBD. From the get-go artist Simon Bannister’s giraffes walked across Nelson Mandela Bridge, causing a stir across the country, and galleries like Artist Proof Studios were […]

Everything you need to know about TAF 2023

ART IS… TURBINE ART FAIR 2023 Turbine Art Fair (TAF) enters its next decade with a new home at Hyde Park Corner from 27 – 30 July 2023 for the 11th edition of the fair. TAF has become the epicentre of emerging art in South Africa bringing together galleries, artists, and curators from around the country to […]

A Contemporary Still-life

The genre of still-life photography has a long history, dating back to the early days of the medium. Due to the limitations of early photographic technology, stationary objects were the preferred subject matter for photographers who drew inspiration from painting. But while photographic still lifes have endured throughout the last century and a half, they’ve […]

The mined landscape in emerging Contemporary Art

Spookasem (PM10) I by Landi Raubenheimer Spookasem (PM10) II by Landi Raubenheimer Spookasem (PM10) III by Landi Raubenheimer Thursday 9 September, 4 hours by Talya Stein Monday 13 September, 7 hours by Talya Stein Sunday 12 September, 3 hours by Talya Stein Landscape art is one of the earliest themes in art as people used […]

The art of walking – mobility, aesthetics, and transportation

Zebra Crossing by Elbie Visser Traverse by Elbie Visser Ditabana di tswala ditaba. (Mighty things rise from trivial ones.) by Katleho Mosia Behind the mist III by Bongani Khumalo South Africa is a geographically and economically diverse country with a varied modes of travel for people, goods, and even information. For centuries artists have depicted […]

Representations of Black Women in Leisure

Late night soak by Moleboge Mokgosi A growing trend is the representation of black woman in leisure. Who are the artists that are influencing this trend and why are these representations important? The representation of black women in leisure is an important and growing trend in the contemporary art market because it challenges traditional representations […]

the intimacy of home spaces: housing someone’s home in ones own home

The Plant Room by Klara Christen D by Zanaeca Singh The Living Room by Gugulethu Mnguni Does the energy of an artwork have the power to impact your space? Does the subjectivity of the artist matter when their intimate space is placed at the forefront of the work? As the lockdown lifestyle continues to prevail […]


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