Tanya Sternberg

Tanya Sternberg



It seems we are all in pursuit of space… chasing that moment of
expansion, the exhale.
We find it in the quick moments of success, a transient departure
from the city, the connection of locked eyes, an uninterrupted
horizon, immersed under water, the coming out of quarantine.
Space is chased continually in a million different ways.

-Tanya Sternberg, 2021

My current artworks explore human natures pursuit for space: literally in a physical sense as well as figuratively in the internal sense. The process of work starts with loose and spontaneous ink washes and ends in intricate and complex lines and pinned x-rays.  I enjoy and need both processes – impulsive and free versus slow and detailed.

Angular planes of colour and x-ray float and journey through space in a random but contradictory organized fluid movement. Ink organic wash represents a freedom of space and transience. Meshed within this is the intricate landscape of architectural marks. Geometric shapes originally start in an organized fashion building layers upon each other until there is a dense overlapping of structures. The x-ray material a constant reminder of looking within the fragmented self.”

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