Shadrack Bosman

Shadrack Bosman



Artist Statement

For me, visual art is a lifelong exercise. My biggest influence is and always has been my parents. My father was an architect, and my mother was a costume designer. Therefore, I have been exposed to a creative sensibility from a young age. For this reason, I aim to express my appreciation, through art, for other people’s visual art and technical drawings. I would like to acknowledge the hard work that has gone into creating this ready-made city for me.

Furthermore, I use colour symbolism to influence healing of the emotional and the psychological centre for any person. I believe that this is my way of fixing this country.

For many people in different cultures and religions, colours have different symbolic values. My colour symbolics are simple and have biblical connotations. I have termed this the old testament colour symbolics. For example, I use blue as a symbol of hope.

To some, red is a symbol of danger, but I would like to counter that narrative by reclaiming it as a symbol of supernatural love. I use yellow and gold to indicate a wise mind and a good knowing.

2021 – LAE Group Exhibition – “LA FEMME” – LAE Art Gallery
2020 – LAE Group Exhibition – “Lockdown” – LAE Art Gallery
2019 – LAE Group Exhibition –– “Contemporary African Art meets European Design” – European Light & Design Centre
2019 – Group Exhibition – “Africa’s Art Collective Seasons Spring 2019” – The Mall of Africa
2019 – Group Exhibition – “Africa’s Art Collective Seasons Autumn 2019” – The Mall of Africa
2019 – LAE Group Exhibition –– “African Influences” – The Hyatt Regency Hotel Rosebank
2019 – Group Exhibition – Curated by Leigh Rein – Werksmans Sandton
2018 – LAE Group Exhibition – “Thebe Ya Mosadi – She is Power” – Urban Tree Sandton
2018 – LAE Group Exhibition – “FNB Early Childhood Development Fundraiser” – FNB Private Wealth Sandton

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