Pia Truscott


Pia is a painter and exhibition maker, currently in her fourth year at Michaelis School of Fine Arts. In her practice, she predominantly works with found objects and the way colour can spark new conversations. She matriculated from Westerford highschool in 2017 and does freelance illustration work. In 2019, she enrolled at Michaelis with painting as her majors. She has exhibited in a four-part series of Connecting through Creativity exhibitions and in Turbine’s ‘Paper’ exhibition (2020). She tends to work with found objects found in scrapyards and skips, painted in bright colours to create new meaning. The colours start conversations one another in playful interactions. She aims to create art that is interactive, playful and accessible. She draws inspiration from collaging with magazines and gathering scrap materials.

“I often feel like my works are like verbs because they’re always moving and they’re
always doing something. I want to make work that people can touch and feel and interact

2021: Pop Up Art Show, GalleryOne11
2021: ZAZA group show, Brutal Curation
2021: Zeitz Mocca: Home is Where the Art Is
2020: Turbine Art Fair: PAPER
2020: Connecting through Connectivity: DRIFT
2019: Connecting through Connectivity: POETRY
2019: Connecting through Connectivity: BETWEEN HERE AND THERE
2019: Self-published The Tree Project
2018: Connecting through Connectivity: BEGINNINGS
2018: Conteu Magazine: Seasons Change
2017: Conteu Magazine: ViewPoint
2017: Putter School exhibition

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