Nkosinati Dube


Nkosinati Dube was born in Pretoria, South Africa but migrated to and grew up in Los Angeles, California up until the age of 14 before returning to his birthplace in 2015. Living in the US during his formative years, and leaving at the beginning of his adolescence, gave way to a shift in perspective on the often-absurd realities he faced there while also influencing his growing sense of unfamiliarity and isolation in his mother country. Cinema and comic books acted as the first introduction to visual storytelling for Nkosi, particularly as a form of escape, laying the foundation for an appreciation for the arts and a desire to create. A formal introduction to Visual Art in high school and subsequent success there, including presentation and recognition in the Audio-Visual Production category at the 2017 Eisteddfod Young Artist Award Competition, laid the groundwork for development of the artist’s skills and provided an outlet to dissect an underprivileged childhood of indoctrination and suppression that only slightly differs from the South African society that he came back to. Nkosi entered a de facto hiatus of his formal visual art journey once beginning his tertiary career at the University of Cape Town in 2018, with only a recent reemergence of active participation in the art world. = Despite this, his appreciation for the arts has persisted and influenced the cinematic landscape of his screenplays, which have become the primary medium through which he hopes to display his art.

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