Nina Jacobson

Nina Jacobson


I am living and working in Johannesburg. I have recently completed my 4th year of Fine Arts at Wits. In my own practice, I am primarily interested in the techniques of printmaking and painting. My experience of life is largely in colours and sounds which I relay in my artwork. My work is characterised by distortions because of my own experience with dissociation. I have been considering the notion of passing time as it drips slowly through the clogged filter of thickened perception. The body itself exists as a tepid organism with a plethora of perception. The unceasing awareness of the processes underlying the skin are exhausting and endless. My work has been very influenced by how one can experience physical space. I am still influenced by the concept of dreams, whereby one enters into a space that is not physical but instead mental, yet entirely immersive. The notion of all the separate components coexisting is alluring, diminishing, reductive, freeing, insanity. Take thought – any simple though – and break it down into a definitive start and finish – understand that there are layers to this simple thought. Size cannot be diminished for it is not relevant in space. Things are changing and moving and growing and shrinking eternally. It’s relative to velocity. Relative to positionality.

2019 Cerebral, Group Installation at Cerebral x And Club, Johannesburg
2019 Solo Presentation, April Edition of Drink & Draw at L8 cafe, 44 Stanley, Johannesburg
2019 KOP at MOMO, Group Exhibition at Gallery MOMO, Johannesburg
2019 October Edition, Group Exhibition at Play for Keeps, Johannesburg
2020 Kampala Biennale, Apprentice under Tracey Rose, Online
2020 Turbine PAPER exhibition, Online
2021 Wits Young Artist Award exhibition, The Point of Order and online, University of Witwatersrand (Note: named
Merit Award winner)
2021 Arts Thread in collaboration with Gucci, 2021 Global Design Graduation Show, Shortlist, Online
2021 Creature Feature, David Krut Bookstore, 151 Jan Smuts Avenue, Johannesburg

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