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Michael Meyersfeld



Michael Meyersfeld (b.1940) lives and works in Johannesburg, South Africa. His entire working life has embraced photography in various forms. A veteran of both fine art and advertising photography, he has an extensive local and international portfolio of exhibitions and campaigns. He is currently completing his Master’s degree in History of Art at the University of the Witwatersrand where he explores the role of the Camera Club of Johannesburg in South African histories of photography.

Meyersfeld’s work has recently shifted to a contemplation of the inherent qualities in objects. Presented as social commentary, it is notable for its stark, sometimes sombre, lonely and edgy imagery that has separateness from reality. The volume of the external world has been turned down in order that both the artist and the viewer can hear and feel the silence. These images could be rendered as abstractions, as less representational, less reliant on meaning and understanding. They are images drawing on texture and dramatic tension more than a linear narrative, pictures more inclined to be felt, to be experienced, than to be understood. His experimental photographic gallery “Backlight” continued for five years. This initiative included interactive photographic workshops and discussion groups fostering innovation at the intersections of photography and art. These lively gatherings, mainly attended by young black photographers, provided an opportunity for exposure and networking, supporting and enhancing the work and career development of black artists, and thinkers. Special friendships were forged through the showing and discussion of each other’s work and sharing of critical perspectives, technical and professional experience. Meyersfeld has won numerous awards and his work hangs in public collections, including Johannesburg Art Gallery; ABSA Permanent Collection; Johannesburg, South Africa; Constitutional Court, Johannesburg, South Africa; Richard Borek GmbH & Co. KG, and many others.

Exhibition List:

2019: November. Notional. The Henry George Gallery, Johannesburg.

2018: July. Accessing the Encoded. Gallery 2. 2018: Rossouw Modern Art Gallery. Hermanus. (together with St.John Fuller).

2018: April. ‘Adaptation’ Fried Contemporary.

2017: June. ‘Adaptation’. In Toto Gallery – Johannesburg. 2016: August. Waka Waka. Group Show. Agog Gallery. Maboneng, Johannesburg.

2015: October. Pretoria Art Museum.” Stillness” and “Dark City Dreams”. 2015: July. Everard Read – Johannesburg. “When Feelings Associate a Consciousness

Forms ” together with Ricky Burnett. 2014: Dark City Dreams: Phutaditjaba Community Centre (Alexandra Township)

2014: Dark City Dreams: In Toto Gallery, Birdhaven, Johannesburg 2014: Dark City Dreams: South African Jewish Museum, Cape Town 2014: The Benediction of Shade 2: Group Show, David Krut Projects

2007: David Brown Gallery[3] 2004: Photo ZA Gallery

2001: Paris Photo 2001: Photo ZA Gallery 1995: Everard Read Gallery

1986: The Photo Gallery 1982: Marker Photo Gallery

1980: Pentax Gallery 1979: Gallery Querschnitt 1978: Goodman Gallery 1977: SA Pentax Gallery 1975: Nedbank Gallery


AOP Awards London 2010 – Gold Non-Commissioned Body Single (Alex Church)

2008 – 3 Bronze (Mercedes SLK Campaign)

Pendoring Awards 2010 – Gold Award – Kalahari.net Campaign

Sony Profoto Awards, South Africa 2010 – Picture of the Year – Professional Category (Alex Church) 2010 – 2 Silver Awards – Professional Advertising Category (Ecomist Campaign) 2010 – 1 Gold Award – Professional Photo Journalism Category (Alex Church) 2009 – 1 Gold Award – Professional Advertising Category (Yum Yum Purple)

Cannes Lions Advertising Festival

2008 – Finalist (Olay) 2005 – 2 Gold Lions, 1 Silver lion (Nugget First Campaign)

The One Show, New York 2006 – 1 Bronze Pencil (Durex Campaign) 2005 – 2 Silver Pencils, 1 Bronze (Nugget First Campaign)

The Andys, New York

2007 – Bronze Statue (Post-it) 2006 – Bronze statue (Nugget First Campaign)

Clios Advertising Awards, USA 2005 – 2 Silver Statues, 1 Bronze Statue (Nugget First Campaign)

New York Advertising Festival

2007 – 1 Gold World Medal (Post-it) 2007 – 1 Grand Prix, 1 Gold (Mercedes SLK Campaign) 2006 – 1 bronze World Medal (Durex and Nugget Second Campaign) 2005 – 2 Gold World Medals, 1 Silver World Medal (Nugget First Campaign)

London International Advertising Awards

2008 – 1 Silver (Olay) 2006 – 1 Winner Statue 2005 – 1 Winner Statue 2004 – 1 Winner Statue

The Eagle Awards 2008 – Bronze (Olay) 2006 – Bronze Eagle

Creative Circle (South Africa) & Ad of the Month

2006 – 1 Winner in February 2005 – 4 Winners in January, February, May & June

The Loerie Awards, South Africa 2010 – Bronze Certificate (Communication & Design) Isuzu Big Mother Trucker

Campaign. 2010 – 1 Bronze (South African National Blood Service)

2008 – 1 Bronze (Tipp-Ex)

2008 – 1 Bronze (Olay) 2007 – 3 Bronze Loeries

2006 – 1 Silver Loerie 2005 – 2 Silver Loeries, 4 Bronze Loeries

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