Marlenie Thom

Marlenie Thom



Marlenie Thom was born in Pretoria, South Africa in 1998. She studied Fine Art at the University of Stellenbosch specialising in sculpture and graduated in 2020. Marlenie’s work addresses themes of nature, the human body and the subconscious. Marlenie’s work was very much shaped by her childhood. Her father is a medical doctor and her mother a teacher. Early exposure to her father’s medical books and her mother’s spirituality, with her inherent fascination with the human body has shaped her work conceptually. Marlenie’s intensive process transfigures the convergence of biology and psyche. Her sculptural forms exemplify a singularly feminine mode of creation.

November 2020
Distinction in Theory of Art and Design Stellenbosch University
Theory of Art and Design allowed me the opportunity for an independent, specialised and advanced research project that makes an original and creative contribution to the broad discipline of the visual arts. The study as a whole can consist of theoretical work or it can be the result of an integrated study of creative or practice-led and theoretical research. My research article titled “Interconnected Bodies: an investigation into the work of Minette Vári and Kiki Smith” elaborated on the relationship between the human body and non-human bodies. As such my article investigated the body as landscape, organism, site for the socio-political and its interconnectedness to other bodies through the work of Minette Vàri and Kiki Smith in the Visual Arts. The paper also presented Jane Bennet’s ontological theory of the ‘vitality of matter’ through her interpretations and reading on Spinoza, Deleuze and Guattari. Lastly, I also looked at the writings of Donna Haraway where she speaks of the importance of ‘staying with the trouble’.
September 2019
Semi-finalist at the Sasol New Signatures Competition Association of Arts Pretoria
The Sasol New Signatures exhibition was held at the Pretoria Art Museum and ran from 22 August to 29 September 2019. Sasol’s belief in the talent of South Africa’s emerging artists finds expression in the Sasol New Signatures competition. In the year of 2019, 80 artworks were shortlisted from throughout South Africa for exhibition at the Pretoria Art Museum and contention for the prizes.

February 2017 – November 2020
BA in VA (Fine Arts)
The University of Stellenbosch

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