Kevin Baloyi

Kevin Baloyi



Kevin Baloyi was born 1995 in Tzaneen in the Limpopo province. He matriculated in 2015 from Xibukulana high school.

From 2015 to 2018 Kevin furthered his art skills before he enrolled at the Artist Proof Studio in 2018. He was also part of the Special Projects Unit at Artist Proof Studio which is involved in a number of corporate commissioned works of art , including Bidvest Bank and Hogan Lovell.

Kevin completed his third year at Artist Proof Studio in 2020. He is currently a full-time artist.

My works are influenced by the place I grew up in, Limpopo, and my experiences of domestic violence in my community, I call home. The abuse of power, specifically, domestic violence.
I literally make patterns from my violent drawings inspired by the patterns found on Tsonga fabric woman wear. The fabric pattern is linked to Tsonga tradition and culture, that’s where I’ve seen and experienced domestic violence. Its seen as normal in terms of discipline, whether you’re young or old it’s used to solve problems, instead of resolving situations in a non-violent manner.
In most households, in my community it affects the children especially, because they see their parents or community fight or kill each other in front of them.

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