Jennifer Zaharieva

Jennifer Zaharieva


Jennifer is a Johannesburg born and based visual artist who works in a varied practise of drawing, painting,installation, sculpture, and performance art to explore the relationship between, her existence in life, human emotions, connections and the meaning of art. She states: “life is Art! Everything I experience becomes a new creation within my art. I believe that We as humans are art in itself. We breathe, feel, and process everything in our own unique ways and through this we all become a form of art.”

After having moved to Bulgaria in 2013,  she taught art to children and worked on an interior design project. In 2013 she moved to The Netherlands, to study for a BA in Fine Art at Minerva Art Academy, Groningen.

Since 2013 Zaharieva Zaharieva developed a strong intuitive manner of expressing all that was bottled up from her past, through her art works. From the start of her very first works which were focused on drawings, paintings and installation you can find a raw and vulnerable pain openly communicated to the public and continued through sculpture and performance Art.

Growing up she went through struggles in her mind fighting through depression. Going to a clinic made her realise that she needed to fight for life, it gave her hope for once and it taught her the valuable lesson of opening up. Zaharieva became fascinated with the idea of human emotions and how vulnerability connects us in many ways.

By June 2018 Zaharieva graduated and moved back to Bulgaria for 3 month before moving back to South Africa. She worked for Jake Michael Singer and then started to focus on Art Reproduction and learning the skills through James Fox, where they soon partnered up and focused on Strauss & co, local artists and collectors.

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