Gift Banda

Gift Banda


Gift Dick Banda is a self-taught South African Photographer & Film Director He is of Malawian
descent and currently resides in Durban, South Africa. His work is visually striking, layered with
texture, detail and seamlessly stitched together with a rich colour palette. Gift enjoys the idea of
telling a visual narrative, by merging different visual elements to create an impactful emotive piece.
Gift began his creative journey in 2010 as a self-taught Graphic Designer utilizing digital art as a form
of self-expression. As a graphic designer, he still felt like something was missing, with this art form
failing to provide him with the realism of interacting with people. Gift’s work has expanded into
being a creative director and film director. He has also diversified his photographic portfolio to
include wedding photography, editorial photography, architectural/interior design photography,
boudoir & fine art photography. His curiosity stems from his intrigue of African culture, people, and
nature. He tries to deliver visual think pieces that encapsulate all these facets and how they interact
with each other.

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