Collin Cole and Dina Kroon

Collin Cole and Dina Kroon



Collin Cole is an artist living and working in Johannesburg. He is both a painter and printmaker.
“In my work I strive to create idiosyncratic mythological narratives which I source from my personal lived experiences, contextualised within both national and world events that influences me”.
My work reflects on my interest of collecting and archiving objects found along my daily journeys. I have been habitually collecting a variety of objects since the 1970s. The choice to collect an object is defined by where it has been found, its past and current function, its visual appeal and most importantly, its personal meaning to me. Many of the collected objects were found during my time spent in the Army in the 1980s. Over the years, I have then “filed” each object, carefully categorising and archiving each one. These archives form a tangible memory box or “object diary”. From this repository, I start to assemble visual narratives for my paintings, prints and 3D collages. By relocating the collected objects into a contemporary context, I aim to bring these objects back to life, to give them new meaning in the search for connecting the past and the present. What results are reconstituted stories, stories that try to make sense of my place in this world. Through my actions as collector, ‘archivist’, traces of our forgotten or buried histories are woven into the fabric of our current lives.

Dina Kroon is an artist whose work emerges from the intersection between photography, printmaking, sculpture and graphic design. She is experimental in attitude. In her printmaking, she combines her finely controlled traditional techniques with accidental incidents, which allows her to be exploratory and playful. Her flexibility enables her to collaborate as she has done with Collin Cole, in this particular project.

Collaboration with fellow printmaker, Dina Kroon.
A portfolio of work “Not too far from where you are” a series of monoprints.
For the last two years Collin has been collaborating with fellow printmaking and partner, Dina Kroon on two print portfolios. The first portfolio “The Distance Between” was exhibited and very well received on TAF 2020. The second portfolio “Not too far from where you are” is a print portfolio of colour monoprints also reflecting the extension of our lockdown and isolation period. This portfolio is more abstract in its nature and in essence, is a more poetic and philosophical in its portrayal of our current situation. It is more optimistic, colourful and less reflecting on a pessimistic overview. The portfolio talks about emergence, growth and life force.

Cole was born in Johannesburg, graduated from the Natal Technikon with a National Diploma in Fine Art and later obtained a Masters in Fine Art from Rhodes University.
Cole lectured at Rhodes University for two years as a junior lecturer. Then for 14 years as a lecturer at the University of Bophuthatswana (name changed later to the University of the Northwest).
He primarily taught various printmaking techniques including Serigraphy, Intaglio, Relief printing, Off-Set Lithography and associated photomechanical processes, from first year to masters’ level.
He began his career as an artist in 2000 and in addition to holding seven solo exhibitions, has participated in 140 local and international group exhibitions and competitions to date.
In 2003, Cole established a private teaching facility, the “BLUE DOOR PRINT STUDIO”, in Parktown North, Johannesburg. The aim of the studio is to establish a private teaching facility for artists and anyone with a serious desire to learn professional printmaking.

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