Charity Vilikazi

Charity Vilikazi


I tell stories through photography, Painting, and Video art. I live in Johannesburg, but I call Durban home. 

I get my overly imaginative views from my father and my grandmother. Growing up being the last-born girl I spent my days annoying my grandmother and pestering her with questions and I was never satisfied I always wanted to do more. My grandmother always asked me what I dreamt about and that I should write down every dream and nightmare I had at the night. That is why I created from “my soul to eye” world. My every own world \creative space where I do all my brainstorming.

 My father is the one who introduces me to the film and photography world. He is the one who showed me all the ropes of having your work seen. So, he saw how much I enjoyed being behind the camera so to show how much he loved me he registered me in a photography school in Newtown, Johannesburg. 

I studied and fell more in love with photography at the Market Photo Workshop, but I never felt enough with just photography so I started learning how to paint and found confidence in creating my video art.

 The Art that I create very much represents different parts of abstraction, mythology, African folklore, curiosity, self-analysis, femininity, and spirituality but is also cinematically inspired. I love what I do, and it gives me everlasting possibilities.

Group exhibitions

2014 Student show the market photo workshop FC

2015 Student show the market photo workshop IC

2019 (IN)Sight) through the lens collective “charity vilakazi_invisible women Johannesburg

2019 Joburg fringe the art room “Charity vilakazi

2021(Portrait Show) through the lens collective 

2021 Joburg fringe

2021 Sasol New Signature (Pretoria Art Museum)

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