Carlo Galli was born in Pietrasanta in 1981 and works in Milan, Italy. He took part in the Carnevele di Viareggio where he made colourful enormous paper mache set designs that leaned towards the satirical and grotesque. Soon after working there, Galli became a student at the Academia di Belle Arti in Carrara, Italy where he completed a BA and MA Fine Arts in Sculpture. It was when he moved to Tenerife, Spain for the Erasmus Project, that Galli’s focus and fascination in play and theatricality through art was cemented. 

Since then, Galli’s work, while humorous, vibrantly-coloured, hypnotic and seductive in its shape and form seeks to provoke thought and encourage the viewer to scrutinise our society as we know it. He plays and experiments with different materials such as duct tape, barricade tape and plastic barrier fences in urban environments that form a part of the social fabric. With his work, he implores us to question the ideas of barriers both physical and invisible, that limit the access of millions around the world. 

Galli’s installations have been shown in his native land Italy and beyond. His latest solo exhibition, “Out of Order” was shown in 2019 at Question Mark in Milan while his other solo shows “I JO ME” (2018) and “I Sleep Well” (2015) were in Austria. He has also been part of a number of group exhibitions worldwide from Spain to as far as Johannesburg, South Africa. 


2020 – Klister Kunst Festival, Koge (DK); MT Art Project, 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo (JP) 

2019 – KB19-Karachi Biennale, Karachi (PK); ‘Not only cigarettes’ Green cube Gallery, an IRL/URL exhibition. 

2018 – Tape Art Convention, Neurotitan Gallery, Berlin (DE); ‘Qui dove tu vivi’ Casa Murabito, Casoli (ITA); Bau Out GAMC, Viareggio (ITA) 

2017 – ‘Sincerity’, SHARE Festival, Torino (ITA). ‘La conmociòn emocional ’Espacio Dörffi, Lanzarorte (ESP); ‘Vetrina’ Pietrasanta (ITA) 

2016 – ‘Dress Codex’ GAMC Viareggio (ITA); ‘House Guests’ SHARE Festival, Torino (ITA) 

2015 – ‘Cattivi natali’ Dadaboom, Viareggio (ITA); ‘Last Grexit to Brooklyn’, Centotto Gallery, New York (USA); ‘Trasgressioni’ Dadaboom ,Viareggio (ITA). 

2014 – ‘From sea to you’ POCA gallery, Bilbao (ESP); ‘BRIDGED’ Bag Factory, Johannesburg (ZA); ‘BAU3D’ GAMC, Viareggio (ITA); FuoriCorso, Villa Bonaparte, Viareggio (ITA); ‘Questa strada è anche la mia’, Viareggio (ITA). 

2013 – ‘Insetti Inetti’ EXP, Carrara (ITA); ‘Inconvenzional-mente’ Palazzo Paolina Bonaparte (ITA); Marble Rumble, EXP, Carrara (ITA); Bau Dieci GAMC, Viareggio (ITA); ‘OVOQUADRO’ Palazzo Ducale, Massa (ITA 

2012 – ‘Il museo illuminato’ GAMC, Viareggio (ITA); ‘Bau nove’ GAMC,Viareggio (ITA); ‘TRANSITO’ Studio37, Las Palmas, (ESP). 

2011 – ‘Pimp mi casa’ Viareggio (ITA); 

2010 – ‘Sculture in Giardino’ Ristorante Lombardi, Torre del Lago Puccini (ITA); ‘Un quadro per rinascere’ GAMC, Viareggio (ITA); ‘Exteriors’ SMS, Pisa (ITA); ‘Pimp my mary’, Carrara (ITA). 

2009 – ‘VAP’ Villa Bonaparte. Viareggio, (ITA). 


2019 – Art residency Studio17 Gran Canaria (ESP); ‘Don’t forget to go home’ Live Performance, Millesuoni collective, Mian (ITA); ‘Binario10’ Public artwork, Via Ponchielli memorial Viareggio (ITA). 

2018 – Public Installation ‘Kulturschiene’, Salzburg (AU) 

2017 – Residency program Espacio Dörffi; Tape of meditation, curated by Lorenzo Mazza, Grimm Lab, Viareggio (ITA). 

2016 – ‘Safe Coffee’ Make Munich Fair, Munich (DE) 

2015 – Art residency ‘Alternate access’. New York (USA); Art residency in AdohcPAD, Wien (AU) 

Schmiede Festival , Salzburg (AU) 

2014 – Art residency in Bag Factory, Johannesburg (ZA); HENROUX Prize, Pietrasanta (ITA); Schmiede Festival, Salzburg (AU) 

2013 – SCHMIEDE Festival,Salzburg (AU); L21 chiama 6 artisti, Viareggio (ITA); ‘White night’ public Installation, Gambacorti Palace, Pisa (ITA); Boomart, Giacomo Puccini Theatre, Torre Del Lago (ITA); Pneumatic Circus/Trasmediale Festival, Berlin (DE). “Carlo Galli 2011/2013”, curated by Gaia Querci. Ugo Guidi Museum, Forte dei Marmi (ITA). 

2011 – DRAWING(A)LIVE festival. L21, Viareggio, (ITA). 

2010 – SLAM! L21, Viareggio (ITA). 

2009 – Humanitarian project ‘Quadro ONU/PNUD’, Havana (C); Kunstwollen L21, Viareggio (ITA). 

2008 – Scenography for GE (general electric) Palazzo Congressi Firenze (ITA). 

2007 – Le Botteghe della Catrapesta, Viareggio (ITA). 

2006 – Artistic foundry L’Arte, Pietrasanta, (ITA). 

2000/2003 – Carnival master Arnaldo Galli 


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3D walls on tuscany, muralismomorte 

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