Boemo Diale

Boemo Diale


Boemo Diale (b. 2000) adopts and redefine philosophies of cultural aesthetic ecosystems to create a regenerative consciousness and personally reflective visual language, dealing with the nuances of gender, race, culture, identity, mental health and spirituality. Having grown up permeating a variety of class and race structures in Rustenburg, Mafikeng and in the suburbs of Johannesburg, the artist has constantly existed in liminal spaces between the rural and urban. Diale is currently studying Film at the University of Witwatersrand and is working on creating a larger narrative film project; the works on paper in her recent ‘PERMACULTURE’ series serve as workshopping and storyboarding for this project.

Solo Presentation
2021PERMACULTURE – Kalashnikovv Gallery, Johannesburg, RSA

Group Exhibitions
2021Blue Tape Series #2 – P72 Projects, Johannesburg, RSA

Art Fairs
Turbine Art Fair, Johannesburg, RSA: 2021

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