Blessing Blaai

Blessing Blaai


I was born in April 1994 in Johannesburg and grew up in a place called Troyeville. My work is hugely influenced by the environment I grew up in which is a suburban area. I first took on art seriously through 32 flavors art studio where I learned how to paint, draw and do prints (amongst other techniques). I then went on to do printmaking at the Artist Proof Studio in Johannesburg for 3 years. I mainly explore with paints, watercolor, and ink media, and more recently I explore with mixed media. Apart from conceptual art, I am a muralist and have done both public and private commissions as well as assisted in a number of other murals commissioned by the city. Other projects that I have been involved in or contributed to include the “African Mobilities: this is not a refugee camp” group exhibition and an art facilitation program with the Market Foundation( I facilitated in the area of visual art at the Windybrow theatre. The program was for children who lived in and around Hillbrow, Johannesburg).

Newtown Improvement District Public Art Implementation: Assisting
Boundless City: 2021
● Fuller Park Public Art Implementation: Assisting Boundless City: 2021
● End Street North Public Art Mural Implementation: 2020
● Newtown Women’s Artwork: Assisting Boundless City: 2019
● Various Installation of Art Exhibitions
● Jurassic Park Mural Implementation (Private commission)2020
● Artist Assistant (2 Years)
● Assisted in the realization of several murals both public and private

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