Audrey Anderson

Audrey Anderson


A Metaphor: One day a person in their daily environment is swept up in a moment of sudden realisation as an intuitive idea grabs a hold of her. This idea is manifested into a unique drawn painting. We see a bunch of deconstructed fragments, shapes and lines harmonised into a whole embodied artwork.

A tacit meaning occurs between another person and the artwork as he looks at it. The artwork potentially evokes a latent understanding in him. Then the artwork starts to get various responses from different people with some saying “I don’t know why, but I love it.” Others stand still in silence. Some respond emotionally; getting angry or laugh and some just glance at it in passing. It seems that the artwork depends on who is looking at it and what they bring from within themselves to see it. Making and seeing an artwork appears to be about a relationship. A human condition.

This is all very mysterious and needs closer inspection. Another idea comes along and says, “There is something not knowable about this artwork. It needs to be deconstructed and understood.” The idea casts a shadow of criticism. The shadow engages and starts dissecting the art into fragments. No longer embodied, but calculated and structured. Like a map laid out perfectly so that everyone can understand it in unison. The idea says “Ah! Now I know what this thing is,” and the artist looks back and says, “that is very useful thank you, but the map is not the same as the territory” understood or implied without being stated.


Clifton Boulder Gallery at Affordable Art Fairs, (Stockholm 11/10/2018) (London Hampstead Heath 2019)
SEE ART Contemporary Drawing, Gallery2, Johannesburg, South Africa (10/11/2018)
Champagne Festival, ABSA Gallery Johannesburg, (31/10/2018)
Lizamore’s Spring Salon, Johannesburg, (30/08/2018)
London, Feast your eyes, Nandos Notting Hill, United Kingdom, (13-15/07/2018)
Comic Blast, Open Studio residency Exhibition at Arteles Creative Centre, Hämeenkyrö, Finland (27/04/2018)
Turbine Art Fair 2018, Gallery2, Johannesburg, (12-15/07/2018)
Affordable art Fair Brussels, Clifton Boulder, (16/03/2018)
Gallery 2, Strong Silence, exhibition with Andrew Sutherland, Johannesburg (05/10/2017)
Lizamore & Associates Gallery, Trailblazers, group exhibition, Johannesburg (31/08/2017)
Lizamore & Associates – Art@first, Material Consequences, group exhibition, Johannesburg (02/08/2017).
In Toto Gallery, Tiny, group exhibition, Johannesburg (06/07/2017)
Gallery 2 – Turbine Art Fair Johannesburg 2017
Clifton Boulder Gallery at Affordable Art Fairs; Brussels 2016, London-Battersea 2016, London-Hampstead Heath 2017, Rotterdam 2017
In Toto Gallery, Nude, group exhibition, Johannesburg (26/01/2017)
Gallery 2, Storytime, group exhibition, Johannesburg (03/11/2016)
In Toto Gallery, The Order of Chaos duo exhibition with Keneilwe Mokoena, Johannesburg (02/09/2016)
Lizamore & Associates Gallery, Johannesburg, #Selfie, group show, (01/09/2016)
SOMA Gallery, Maboneng Johannesburg, No man’s land – group exhibition (07-29/08/2016)
AVA Gallery, Cape Town, [kings] on paper – Collaborative game exhibition with Isaac Zavale and Yael Feldman (28/07/2016)
Turbine Art Fair 2016, Gallery 2, group exhibition, (13-16 July)
Lizamore & Associates, SA Taxi Art Foundation Award 2016 Top 30 exhibition, (09/04/2016).
Pause, Informal Project Space: Drawingrooms, City Soiree, Cape Town (06/11/2015)
Fresh Produce: Selected as emerging artist for exhibition at Turbine Art Fair 2015 (16-19/07)
Gallery 2, Exhibition with Ross Passmore: Running on Empty, Johannesburg (6-27/06/2015)
Selection Exhibit: Everard Read Gallery Johannesburg (1/02/2015)
Informal Project Space: Drawingrooms, City Soiree-Johannesburg (04/12/2014) crowed funded.
Group Show: Id Entity II, Intoto Gallery (02/11/2014) Johannesburg.
Group Show: Degrees of Separation (07-27/09/2014) ABSA Gallery, Johannesburg
Group Show: Fresh Produce (17-20/07/2014) Turbine Art Fair 2014, Johannesburg
Group Show: Visual Manifesto (18/02-13/03/2014) Rust-en-Vrede Gallery, Cape Town.
Group Show: Gold Rush (06/02-05/03/2014) at In Toto Gallery, Johannesburg.
Turbine Art Fair 2013 (27-28 July), selected artist for the curated space.
Group Show: ME 3, Fried Contemporary Art Gallery, Pretoria, South Africa. (27/10/2012)
A Coffee State of Been, Velo, Johannesburg, Gauteng. (06/10/2012)
Audrey Anderson, Ronel Kellerman & Helena Hugo Exhibition, Trent Gallery. Pretoria, (04/08/2012)
“I Wish You Were Here” with Marili De Weerdt. Alpine Attitude, Pretoria, 09/08/2011
Group Show: Transvaalse Verhalen – Chiellerie Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands (11/08/2011)
The Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam 2011 with Transvaal Art Gallery (27/10/2011)
Group Show: “Altered Pieces” – Curated by Gordon Froud, Johannesburg. (10/07/2011)
Group Show: Open Books, I Art Gallery (now: Brundyn +) Cape Town, (06/07/2011)
Project Solo: The best thing since spilt milk, I Art Gallery Wembley Project Room, Cape Town (05/05/2010)
“XI – Eleven Solo Exhibitions: Thinking inside the box” at I Art Gallery Cape Town (22/10/2009)
Project Space Solo: “Zamalek” at Gordart Gallery, Johannesburg (31/08/2008)


Overall Winner of 2016 SA Taxi Foundation Art Award and Semi Finalist (additional work selected for Top 30)
Selected Emerging Artists Exhibition at Turbine Art Fair, Johannesburg, 2013, 2014 and 2015
Sasol New Signatures: top 100 Final Selection. 2003, 2006 & 2012.
Nominated as one of the African Artists 2013 – Nando’s UK National Artwork Project, in London.

Senior Certificate Grade 12 (2001) – Study Field: Visual Arts, Pro Arte, Alphen Park, Pretoria
Graduated (2006) BA (Fine Arts) Honours Degree at University of Pretoria.
Additional Short Course – Art Direction, AAA School of Advertising, Johannesburg (2013)
Art in Collections

Nandos UK & SA, Hollard, Spier, Alpine Attitude, Taxi SA, South African National Art Bank.


Port Nolloth, Northern Cape, Yield House, November 2016
Arteles Creative Center, Finland, Comic Blast, April 2018

2009, A Look Away Issue 10, Benoit Knox.
2009, XI Eleven Solo Exhibitions, Jacqueline Nurse, ISBN 978-0-620-45078-2.
2010, iArt Gallery, Contemporary South African Art Catalogue, Elana Brundyn.
2011, OpenBooks, iArt Gallery Catalogue No.11, Johann Du Plessis and Tim Leibbrandt.
2015, The POVO Journal, Issue 06: Women’s Edition, Netanja van der Westhuizen, editor Archibald Mathibela.
2015, Johannesburg in your pocket, No5, Laurice Taitz, ISSN 2311-3944.
2016, Top 30 Exhibition SA Taxi Foundation Art Award, Catalogue, Taryn Cohn, Tammy Langtry, Dineke van der Walt.
2018, Arteles Anthology #1 Comics & Illustrations, Erin Purcell, Arteles Publication.
2020, The Institute of Domestic Technology Cookbook, Butter Aerobics, Joseph Shuldiner.
Selected Drawing/ illustration projects with

Roxton by Brampton, Wine Label drawing with Just Design, Stellenbosch, South Africa (March 2016),
Pan Macmillan, South Africa, Children’s Educational books (2014-2015),
Book Dash Johannesburg, 2015 at Goethe institut, 24hour Children Book drawing with writer Louis Greenberg.
Room to Read – South Africa, Children’s Educational books and poster (2010-2013),
Forbes Africa – Editorial Drawing (April 2013),
M&C Saatchi Milan – Logo drawing for Auto Grill (May 2013),
Pop-is-not-soda: Butter Aerobics – narrative drawing (Los Angeles–USA) (2012-13),
VANSA, Visual Art Network of South Africa, Communications; Resources, research, online networks, website project, development and management, (01/10/2009 – 01/12/2013).
Justified Jotting (2008) and Justified Jotting: Drawn Out (2009) curator and project manager for drawing exhibitions, Pretoria, South Africa.
Atlantis theme park, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai – Junior Art Director (06/04 – 06/06/2007)

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