Anny Maddock

Anny Maddock


In my paintings I try to capture that split second of stillness between one action and the next…a moment which makes the viewer anticipate and wonder about the story that is enfolding. And most viewers respond on a very personal level, creating their own meaning from the image.

This is why I don’t like to give titles to my works…I don’t want to prescribe.

My art training was classical and included subjects like anatomy, theory of colour, perspective and these gave me a solid foundation to build on. Although I have used many media, I like the immediacy of chalk pastels and pencils. I am particularly tactile, and feel connected to my work by using my fingers to mix, soften or blend the, powdery pastels on my canvas, instead of on a palette.

In the last few months I’m exploring my fascination with the language of hands, and the stories they can tell. As a figurative artist, many of the women in my paintings have reflected my personal feelings, but the hands are a more universal theme, and often inspired by other people’s untold tales.

I’ve been drawing all my life, and twenty years ago reached a level where I could be a fulltime, professional artist. During my career I have tutored and helped others realise their artistic dreams, and from time to time give classes for those who are as passionate about wanting to learn as I still am!

I’ve been privileged to exhibit at many prestigious galleries and events, and am forever grateful and humbled by all those, from all over the world, who collect my work, thus allowing me to continue my art journey.

I’ve tried to create paintings that are still and quiet… telling a story with only a few words… I want to paint poetry.

I have reached the age where I make my own rules, and one is that I don’t write traditional cvs!

*Started drawing at the age of four, and remember the frustration of not knowing how to draw feet.

*Attended Rhenish Girls’ High in Stellenbosch, and studied Art as a subject at the PJ Olivier art centre.

*My conservative father wouldn’t allow me to go to Michaelis because ‘there were too many hippies’ so I studied Art for three years at Cape College for Advanced Education.

*After a brief, boring spell of working, I enrolled at the Cape School of Fashion Design and spent the next few years designing clothes and then Textiles.

*To cheer me up during an unhappy marriage I enrolled at UNISA and studied Psychology and English Literature, but never completed my degree.

*Easily bored I have had an antique shop, a little restaurant, worked as a journalist, designed and made clothes for clients, sketched portraits at festivals and taught art.

*Since 2002 I have been a full-time professional artist, exhibiting in galleries, attending events and building up an international client base.

*I now live a very quiet, peaceful life with my dog, and mostly supply private clients and collectors.

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